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Jacksonville's Best Realtors Use Home Staging

Real Estate Agents – Let’s Collaborate!  We value our partnerships with Realtors and offer our Staging Consultation to you for a discounted rate of only $99.

Use First Coast Home Staging to:

1Get More Listings

Working with a professional stager will set you apart from other agents. Together we'll provide a competitive advantage that will give your listings the best possible chance for quick and timely sales.

2Sell Your Listings Faster

Facts show that staged homes sell faster. Buyers want that ``model home`` look and have trouble visualizing a home's potential if not properly staged.

3Make More Money

The faster your listings sell, the more money you are going to make. When an un-staged home sits on the market too long, a price reduction may be necessary and will mean less commission to you.

4Be ``The Bad Guy``

No realtor wants to tell clients that their house smells like wet dog or has too many Elvis knick knacks. We'll always treat your clients in a professional and tactful manner. They'll understand that our staging recommendations are completely objective and only meant to help them.

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